Thursday, May 6, 2010

Honey Do List

I was reading a cute blog post about a woman's perpetually undone honey do's list. You know the list. It's the one you make for your partner of things you would like him or her to complete. "Honey, please do ....". I've got it rough. I have no "honey" to "do" anything. (woe is me - although I have a semi-helpful, semi-responsive teenage son).On the one hand it makes my life easier, I'm not disappointed or frustrated by someone not doing what I would like them to.  On the other hand, it kind of sucks to be the only one responsible for everything.

I have a long list of things to be done (ie my master decorating plan that I talked about here) and almost all of them are decorating or home improvement items. I have a weekly to-do list and things get crossed off from there on a semi-regular basis. I guess my "honey do" list is the equivalent of my " hmmm... that would be nice for someone (imaginary) else to" list. Items on my list include cleaning the inside of my car, taking care of talking with the car repair mechanic, taking care of the "sink boogers" (yucky stuff left in the drain strainer after you finish dishes), and I'd really, really, really like for someone else to do my laundry and wash my dishes. But I guess those last two don't fit into the "honey do" list category. I got nothing else.

What items are on your honey's to do list? Any drive you crazy?

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  1. I have a mile long honey do list, but like you, there is only me to do them. That's ok, I've been single for so long (8 years) that I am used to just doing it myself.


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