Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Decorate - Master Plan

Do you have a master plan? Having one lets you focus and accomplish more. A master plan is a room by room list of ALL you want done in that room. You try to get as much done or as much as you can afford done in that room during a month. Then the next month you move onto another room and list of projects.

I keep my list on my computer and strikeout each item as it is finished. This way I can see my progress. I think I accomplish more because I don't have to think about what I want to do on a weekend. I have a list of items to choose from, some big and some small.  I can see all the items to do and set some priorities.That list helps me focus because I'm not thinking about the entire condo's work that needs to be done, just one room, so I don't feel overwhelmed. Having big and small tasks let me choose what I want to do based on my mood, energy level and budget. Having the Master Plan helps me budget for items coming up for the next month. 

To keep me on track I have my Master Decorating Plan (which is updated as I think of new things) and a 2010 schedule which shows each room per month. On the 2010 schedule I also have one sewing project (outside any on the master decorating list, so like a quilting project) and one "extra" project (such as selling an item on Craig's List or working on a new plant bed).

The goal isn't to get everything done on the list (although that would be spectacular, but very improbable at least for me). The goal is to keep plugging away on a room at a time, accomplishing what you can. Life gets in the way some months and very little gets accomplished, except maybe the small things. But some is better than none. By the time you get around to the room again, you will probably have an updated Master Decorating Plan and new tasks to complete. Because if you are like me, your decorating plan is evolving all the time. 

Do you have a Master Plan for your decorating ideas or are they worked on as they are thought of?

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