Monday, January 31, 2011

Updating the Living Room

The wall with my front door has gone through several versions since I've lived here. I just couldn't seem to get the furniture right.

I started with a small table and chair. The table was way to small. I ended up selling it on Craig's List.

Next was a dresser I purchased on Craig's List for $30. I ended up painting it aqua. You might remember the post about it here. While I loved the carvings and the color, the style never seemed right in the room. I was going for whimsical but it clashed with all my other clean lined furniture. It bugged me.

While my son was home I moved in my long dresser from my bedroom and took the mirror off. I was decluttering my clothes and was able to consolidate everything into my tall dresser. I think it looks fantastic (now to do something about the lamp cord showing). It fits beautifully with the other mid-century, streamlined furniture that I have. My bedroom also looks bigger without so much furniture in it now. I sold the aqua dresser on Craig's List (love) for a profit.

I think I finally have it right! I'm very happy with how it looks. I'm making money on the aqua dresser and this last update didn't cost me anything. Just the way I like to decorate!


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