Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Art Work

Have you seen these? You can make any size wall poster from any size image at Block Poster. Just upload your image, choose your size and download a pdf image which you can then print or take to a copy shop and have them print it.

I had to show you this example by "emil" in the gallery even though I had to edit it wonky. I love Roy Lichtenstein's work.

But how cool (and cheap) would it be to make a super large family photo? Mount it to some MDF or Masonite with Mod Podge and you've got a statement piece. Or your kids favorite superhero or teen star? Just watch for copyright infringement issues.

Something similar is available at the naughty sounding site which in essence converts a picture to large pixels.  Don't ask me what the difference is between the two sites. I can't explain very well what rasterisation is. This site gives you a more graphic, easily seen pixels look I think. Picture by marco e lula in the gallery section.

I've used the rasterbator (blush) site to convert small pictures into large pattern pieces for applique wall hangings. I've then taped the pattern to a large window so I can see through the papers and then traced the pattern onto fusible web.

Have you used these before? Do tell!

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