Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Things I hate about Craig's List

If you've read my blog, you know I have an undying love for Craig's List. More than half of my retro / Mid Century furniture has come from Craig's List: my couch, dining room table, chairs and hutch, dining room rug, my bedroom suite, my son's futon, desk and chair, retro dining room light fixture, dresser I painted aqua in the living room, glass and wood bar cart in the living room. I won't even list the accessories.

But some posters really bug me. My grammar and spelling isn't always correct, and I can mangle some pronunciations. I use hanging clauses a lot, too many exclamation marks and sometimes what I'm thinking doesn't come out right in my typing. I realize nobody is perfect (least of all me). But these are classic mistakes I see over and over and it drives me batty.

Rod Iron - It's wrought iron as in forged

Dinning Room Table - dining

Chester drawers - chest of drawers (this one really bugs the heck out of me)

buster seat - booster seat

mirrow - mirror

Calling items by the wrong genre - everything is art deco or mid century modern when it's really not

Bran - brand

Armour - Armoire

Post a darn picture so I can see what you are selling!

Post a price not just best offer or call me for more details. I'm lazy. Make it easy for me to buy your crap.

OK, I've got that off my chest. I was window shopping on Craig's List yesterday and had to stop because it just made me angry. Shopping Craig's List should always be a fun activity.


  1. AnonymousJune 16, 2010

    I completely agree! I'd like to add one thing to this list & it has to do with price. I hate when sellers advertise items for $1. Then when you click on the item it's really $75 or $200. I don't expect to get anything for a buck, but come on guys......

  2. Yep - those things bug my husband too. He reads Craig's list all of the time. Right up the road is a sign that says "Hay - For Sell". It's been there for years, I guess they don't mind lol

  3. Those bug me, too! I'm glad you shared. I've been contemplating a mistakes-in-blogging post, too, but I'm frankly afraid I'll offend somebody!

  4. I suppose I'm mean, but I actually giggle when I read "Chester drawers". I imagine that they're selling some poor guy named Chester's underwear, and it makes me laugh. Poor Chester. I know what they mean, but the image still pops in my head.

    I agree with you about all the grammatical and spelling errors. Years ago, we lived up the road from a thrift store with a giant sign in front that read "TRIFT". If you're painting 5-foot-tall letters and weren't positive about the spelling, wouldn't you stop for a moment to make sure you were about to spell the word right??

  5. I LOVE THIS POST! We are moving this week so I've been spending lots of time trolling Craig's List for stuff to fill up the new house!

    I agree with the first comment also...don't write $1 in the title of your post and then tell me that it costs $200!

  6. Oh I agree with the first poster also! I forget to get it on the list but I see "garage sell" instead of "sale" many times also.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I hate it when people use text speak in their posts or emails! It's not that difficult to type a few extra consonants!

  8. Have you seen "arm wah?" is amazing what people will put in their ads!


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