Tuesday, May 11, 2010


What are you passionate about? This has been a topic in the chain of friendships I have and got me thinking.

I used to know what I was passionate about: my son, my job, and a couple relationships. Some stuff you don't know about me: I've have a major illness. Several years ago my job was eliminated in a merger and now my illness prevents me from getting another like it so there went the money and the self identity tied up in my work (not necessarily healthy, but still). My standard of living sharply decreased. My romantic relationship ended and I moved away. Long distance old friendships are harder to maintain and new ones seem difficult to make. I am lost and have lost track of who I am.

I've been working on redefining (or finally discovering) myself, my values, my goals, my talents, my passions. What I really want in life and not what I think I should want or what I think other people think I should want (if that was confusing to you just think about how I feel living it). It's HARD work. And there are no right answers, which I hate. I want to get to a point where a bell rings and a voice calls down "ahh... finally. Your answer is correct" which I really don't think will happen (darn it). Art titled Passion Lotus.

So enough about me. How about you? What are your passions? How do you know?


  1. I am so sorry for all of the things you have been through but I do believe that, if we allow it, these trials we go through in life will only make us stronger. I am very passionate about my faith. Jesus keeps me focused and centered. When things begin to be out of balance, I ask Him to help me get back onto course. I know when my life is out of balance because I am disorganized, and frankly things get pretty chaotic lol That is when I realize I have taken my eyes off of the Lord and I need to return to my first love.

  2. I'd be in agreement with Tammy (above). I have recently re-discovered my relationship with God. I do believe he guides me through life.
    There is a book that a lot of people have recomended to me "The Purpose Driven Life" I can't post a review because I have not read it but so many people have recomended it to me that I thought I'd mention it to you. I actually have the book, a friend of mine gave it to me five years ago...you'd think I would have read it by now, lol. I can send it to you when I'm done reading it (you won't have to wait years, I'll start to read it tonight).

  3. I know what my passions are - reading, writing, photography, every type of creation (sewing, embroidery, mixed media), my faith in God, good food and family.

    How do I know? Because they are the things I keep coming back to and the things that make my life worthwhile. My husband would say they are the things that keep me sane. And my girls know because they know where I put my time.


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