Monday, May 3, 2010

My tree top condo

Some days you can hear me grumble about my 3rd floor walk up condo. Especially if it's grocery shopping day or laundry day (when it's 4 flights from the basement laundry room).

But today I'm reminded of what attracted me to this unit in the first place. I'm on the 3rd floor with giant mature trees all around. It's like living in a tree house.

I have branches within 2 feet of my windows covered with beautiful chartreuse buds waiting to burst into leaves. From my couch I can easily see the squirrels scampering from branch to branch moving to the mature trees across the street.

A woodpecker has a nest that is about 7 feet away at eye level. I enjoy listening to the repetitive peck, peck, peck as I drink my coffee and look forward to seeing babies again this year. The bird songs are quite loud as they are within feet of my open windows. I love trying to identify the bird by its song.

The more urban street traffic becomes an ebb and flow like ocean waves (really, you get used to it and it becomes beautiful - except for the sirens of the local fire department).

The best part is when all the trees have their full leaves. Then the buildings across the street and even the street itself disappears from view. Just a cloud of soft greens. So serene.

What do you like about your house?

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