Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Desperately seeking ....

Ever have a home improvement project but just can't find the right materials? I'm desperately seeking white 2"x2" ceramic wall tiles. Nothing fancy. You know the standard 4" white bathroom tile? Just that except 2". You would think it would be easy enough to find since its so plain. Nope. I've tried all the big box stores and 6 or so tile stores and nobody has it or can special order it. I have no tile cutting tools or experience, so I can't just cut the 4" down to 2" easily.

I'm off to a high-end specialty store (Ann Sacks Tile) on Friday to have a look-see. Their website has the tile - in 12 different shades of white - but no prices listed. It always scares me when no prices are listed! I only need 1.5 sq. feet so hopefully I can either purchase a small quantity or buy enough sample tiles for my project.

And what is the project you ask? A little back splash behind my bathroom pedestal sink. Wish me luck that I can purchase a small quantity and it won't cost me my first born!

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  1. I emailed you Sunday about an award I'm passing on to you and your blog! Hope you get the email. Laurie at Scene of the Grime


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