Thursday, April 15, 2010

Organizing the Linen Closet - Before

My linen closet is driving me crazy!  Towels are falling off the shelves. There is no room for toilet paper. Some rarely used but necessary cleaning supplies (like goo-gone) are stuffed on a shelf. And the top shelf has some quilts, extra pillows, a throw, some magazine holders that aren't being used and other misc stuff crammed in there so they don't fall down. The walls and non-adjustable shelves are a dingy, dirty looking off white from the previous owners (probably painted years ago). They once had shelf liner paper installed and then removed so glue and backing bits are still stuck on.

Oh and did I mention that the cat's litter box is on the floor of the closet? Yep, we have to have the door propped open with a door stop so the cat can always get in, but that the dog stays out and away from those yummy to him kitty brownies. Yuck. (OK, confession time. I cleaned the cat box area before I took the picture. It usually is uhh a little messy with litter kicked around and some old newspaper under the box to catch it, which doesn't work). Remember I'm in 650 sq. feet with no real basement (a storage locker) and no garage and a small bathroom with only a small cabinet above the toilet, so I have to be creative.

It's definitely time to straighten, thin out and organize the closet. I currently have supplies in extra tupperware containers mismatched plastic baskets, freezer containers and just loose. You can't see the other side of the closet closest to the camera since the door only opens so far and there is a wall right behind me, but it's pretty much in the same condition as the rest of the closet. I'm looking forward to matching baskets from the dollar store to corral all my stuff and to use the space efficiently. (And it will look so pretty!)

Also, I currently have my mop, broom and swiffer on the inside of my front door closet. I just realized the last time I had guests and opened the door to hang up their coats that might not be the best place for my cleaning tools. Who wants to hang their coat up near a dirty broom and dust pan? I don't and my coats are in that closet! If I can, I want to hang the tools on the door in my already packed linen closet. Then I can hang table cloths in the front hall closets with the coats and free up a couple drawers in my already packed buffet. It's just a juggling act at my house.

Anyway, my projects are to paint the inside of the linen closet and the shelves. Move the tools from the front closet and hang them in the linen closet and make sure the door still closes and the cat won't knock them down. Sort through the medicines and first aid supplies and dispose of any outdated ones. Make a list of needed items and purchase them. Organize my remaining supplies and put them in baskets and label them (I love using my labeler!). And go through the items that don't really belong in the linen closet and see if I can find homes for them someplace else. That way, I can bring all my quilts and bedding (which are in 3 different closets) and have them organized in one place.

Next week I'll have some tips and tricks on organizing your linen closet.  In 2 weeks I hope to have things reorganized and spiffy looking.

Do you have any linen closet horror stories? We'd love to hear them!

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