Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paper Dolls

Instead of doing one of the thousands of things I have on my to-do list (some of them actually fun), I'm playing paper dolls. And having a ball. Cathe of Just Something I Made made these doll templates so that her friend could virtually go to the recent Blissdom (blogging) conference.

Well I came across them and just had to make one of myself with my logo on my shirt. I also changed the skin tone to look more like my own. With all the fussing I did to the doll - like trying to get my neck to look just right - I somehow forgot to change the body shape to more accurately represent me (curvy is being polite). Hmmm.... I wonder how that happened?!

One of the templates is a LBD (little black dress) with pearls. Next up I'm going to play with that one, maybe change the dress color and see if I can get some different jewelry going.

Also, I got my hair chopped off (think very short and a little funky) this weekend, so my head no longer looks like me. Hopefully I'll get my son to take a new picture for the blog, but I'll have to get all dolled up (ha, ha, ha) and I'm not sure I really want to today. Besides he has a photography assignment due and will be busy working on that. I think I'll wait on the LBD until I have my new head shot.

Hope you are having an enjoyable and productive weekend - or just hanging around in your jammies having a 3rd cup of coffee and reading the paper.


  1. Hey Kat, thanks for your comment on Craft-Werk!!! Love your paperdolls! Have to check them out for my daughter. I can already see lots of fun with them! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE that you are making a flat YOU!!! You did an awesome job, can't wait to see you all dolled up in your LBD w/bling!! Thanks so much for linking over, I'm so glad to see others using the little flat bodies for fun things like this.


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