Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh No - Comment Replies Not Reaching You

** Updated ** I just learned some horrible news! Some of you who have been nice enough to comment on my blog are not getting my responses to your comments. I faithfully respond to each comment that is left within 24 hours.

See I get an email every time somebody comments with their name and their comment. I respond by hitting the reply button in the email, thank you for reading and type in a quick little note. I've been thinking that I'm developing a relationship with you, my readers.

Turns out that if your profile does not have your email address listed in it, you aren't getting my responses. They go into a blogger black hole. I did a quick little survey and out of the last 25 comments I received only 9 people actually received my response.

Ladies, update your profile and put your e-mail address in it! For me I go to my profile, click edit, scroll down 1/2 way on the page and under Identity there is a box for your email address. ** Also have the boxes show e-mail address and share profile checked. This only works if you have a Google account ** If you don't like having your "real" email address out there for everyone to see, create a new one that you use just for blogging in gmail or yahoo.

So for those of you who have been nice enough to leave a comment on my blog in the past, I sincerely thank you for it. I love reading each and every one of them. It means a lot to me that you take the time to visit, read and respond to my posts. Add your email to your profile so that we can get to know each other better!


  1. The exact same thing happens to me :)

    I always respond to comments and didn't realize for the longest time that all of them were going to someone with the email address decorgirl... whomever she is, she hasn't responded :)

  2. yep, Kat, that happens to me to... that's why I'm here! I subscribe to my comments also, then each evening, I go through them and visit each blog to say THANKS! for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment.
    Thanks for commenting on my coat rack memo. I have had the webbing for months and never used it. But when I made that burlap cover, I knew it needed a little "punch" of color.
    Hope you're having a good week. I think Spring has finally sprung here in KY.

  3. It is my biggest blog wish that everyone would put an email in their blogger profile. I love to reply to comments too and am always so sad when people don't have an email address.


I read all your comments and truly appreciate them. They make my day a little brighter. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Why not subscribe so you don't miss any of the fun?

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