Friday, March 12, 2010

Fab Friday Favorites

Yea! It's Friday and time for another round of Fab Friday Favorites where I bring you beauty and creativity found in my travels around blogland. I have so much fun finding things throughout the week and can hardly wait until Friday to show you all.

This monogrammed pillow is from Better Homes and Gardens. I've seen this done before, but it's usually cream buttons on a light fabric centered in the middle of the pillow. It seemed kinda of meh and a little country or primitive. But this! This I can wrap my creative brain around. I love the color! The asymmetry! This would definitely work in a modern home. Check Etsy for colored buttons if you want to make this.

This project has me intrigued. It's from Creative Jewish Mom and is coasters made from recycled plastic bags ironed together. How cool!

I continue with my burlap fascination. This cutie is from Tatertots and Jello. I have more wreath ideas than I have doors. I thought about hanging a wreath from the top of my dresser mirror in my bedroom. I'd get another space to display something and I don't really use that mirror anyway. And don't worry, I have lots more burlap ideas to share with you over the coming weeks!

Nice picture from A Little of This, a Little of That, right? I love these types of Fab Favorites. They are sneaky ones! OK, the curtain rods are made out of PVC pipe! What a thrifty idea. You would never guess they weren't normal wood rods. Love it!

This lovely tulle embellished t-shirt is from Becca over at Blue Cricket Design. She always has such great projects. I could see myself wearing this - feminine, artsy and comfy!

I'm so in love with Martha Stewart designs. I don't think I've ever seen something I didn't like of hers. Most won't work in my house, but I love them nevertheless. This is a great example. It's a huge monthly calendar chalkboard painted on a home office wall. The gray squares are tinted different shades of black chalkboard paint. Look at all that room to stay organized! Sigh.

Here is another huge organization system with colored chalkboards (didn't know colored chalkboard paint existed outside of green and black!), cork, pegboard and scrapbook paper squares from We Scrap. I'd love to have that much space to lay out projects in the works and ideas for new ones. What a luxury!

The last idea is a traveling fabric tool caddy from The Little Green Bean. For all the crafters in the house (say oh!) this could be a really handy. My dining room table (don't have a kitchen table) is my craft table, sewing table and we occasionally eat there. Space is at a premium. I think this would help organize my sewing tools, while I'm crafting, so I don't have to put everything away in my bedroom, only to pull it out when I'm done. I like to keep my sewing machine up all the time, so when the mood strikes I'm ready to sew!

I hope you enjoyed this week's roundup. When you visit the featured sites (and I know you will because who could resist?!) leave a comment and tell them Kat from Black Kats Design sent you!


  1. lovin' all these ideas! I definitely need to embellish some shirts with tulie. Thanks for the links!

  2. Hey, I hopped over from New Friend Friday. Love your blog! I need a good roundup to help me find the things I miss. Like that PILLOW! I'm in love. Thanks!


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