Friday, March 5, 2010

Fab Friday Favorites

Welcome to the 2nd weekly Fab Friday Favorites. Below are some of my favorite items from around the blogosphere. I hope you find them as fun and creative as I do.

I think this is spectacular! This is a felted sweater wreath from Betz White. The colors, the texture the time involved, oh my! I found myself at the thrift store (during my weekly visit) looking longingly at the wool sweaters with this project in mind. Being the thrifty (cheap) gal that I am, I can't justify purchasing as many sweaters as would be needed to get the color and texture variation for the wreath, especially without any way to use the leftovers. However, if any family member is culling their closets and would like to donate a sweater to the cause, I'd gladly take it!

Isn't this cute? It's from Good Housekeeping. Among the items I collect are interesting ties, mostly silk. Why you ask? Because someday I'm going to make a really cool quilt using the ties. Beside, I've heard that you can die Easter eggs with the silk ties and transfer the pattern (watch for this during a It's Craft Time Wednesday). But back to the ties, this would be a perfect project to use the small end of the tie, which for my purposes is too small to craft with. But not anymore! And when I think of all the small ends that have been thrown away -- sigh. When will I learn to never throw anything away?!

This project is for my crazy cat friend, Alison (said with much affection). She would, however, need 8 or so of these pretties for her brood. This project comes to you from Junk Camp. It's an upside down end table with finials added to the legs! How clever is that? The kitty looks very comfortable, but wouldn't this make a great looking doll bed? I need to find a little girl so I can make one for her Christmas gift! Click through the link for a tutorial on how to make this for your creature's comfort.


Subway art seems to be all the rage right now. This is a different take and has the family's resolutions on it. It's from Lil Blue Boo and comes with a detailed tutorial. Love!

OK, can you guess on this one? It's fingerprints! Ms. LaTocha's kindergarten class made this for the school fund raising auction. Each student's name is on the bottom and the color paint they used. I love this! I'm thinking homemade family Christmas cards! Heck I might make it myself for Christmas cards. It would have to be bigger than "normal" card size to fit adult fingerprints. So I might be sending 8.5" x 11" cards this year. 


The Clay Family's tree is over 5 feet tall made from a vinyl tree kit and framed pictures of family. As an amateur genealogist I think this is a Fab idea. What a great way to pass down family history. Wouldn't this also look great in a baby's room?

And last but not least we have Pottery Barn knockoff chalkboard paint canisters from one of my favorite blogs Country Chic Cottage. This post was a guest blog post on Someday Crafts. These are just perfect. I'd have mine on top of my refrigerator with things written on them like dog treats, candy, etc.  Darn, I was just at the thrift store today and meant to look for canisters to use for this project. I really need to start a thrift store shopping list and keep it in my purse.

Well these are some of the great things I've run across in my interweb travels this week. Be sure to visit the individual sites and spread the blog love by leaving a comment.

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