Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quick Declutter Tips From Unclutterer


Everyone is busy and sometimes decluttering falls to the bottom of a long list of chores to do. In fact I've heard that there is a rare breed of people out there who don't like to organize and declutter?!

Having a clutter-filled home can be overwhelming and exhausting. It can cause stress, anxiety and reduce productivity. Clutter can seriously cut into decorating and crafting time. It's hard to accessorize when you can't see the table tops. And glue guns are dangerous when used in the wilds of a messy dining room table. When left undone little problems quickly become big problems. Soon enough it's easier to just do nothing. Then you show up on A&E's the Hoarders (kidding).

I came across this article on the fun and interesting website, Unclutterer on 10 tips to beat clutter in less than five minutes. It was written by Gretchen Rubin. Check out my favorites, but don't forget to visit their website to see all 10 tips!

Make your bed each morning. (Why is this so difficult for me to do?!)

Follow the “one-minute rule” – push yourself to do any chore that takes less than one minute. Throw away the junk mail, close the cabinet door, put your dirty socks in the hamper, hang up your wet towel. (Also, you can work just during commercial breaks on TV. It's amazing how much you can get done).

Pause for a moment before you “store” something. Storing something means you don’t intend to use it much. Other than holiday decorations and seasonal clothes, you should strive to “store” as little as possible. (This is an easy one for me as I have about zero storage space in my small condo).

Identify an organization or person to whom you can give things you no longer need – it’s much easier to get rid of unneeded stuff if you can envision someone else getting good use from them. Also, figure out a place to store those things until you hand them over. (I love Freecycle. It's so personal and friendly. Otherwise my items go into a bag behind my bedroom door and get donated on my next trip to the thrift store).

Hang up your coat. (Yes, Mother).

Before you go to bed, take five minutes to do an “evening tidy-up.” Don’t tackle anything ambitious, but just stack up the magazines, put your shoes away, shove the chairs into place, etc. Just a few minutes of tidying can make your house look a lot better, and it’s a calming thing to do before going to sleep. Plus it makes the morning nicer. (For me this makes all the difference in the world!)

What's your favorite decluttering tip?

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