Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Decorate - Color Crossroads

I'm at a decorating crossroads. It's time to plan the next layer of decorating in my living room. I have to recover a chair and some ottomans, paint a dresser, move a clock and put up some shelves or something on one wall and think about drapes and maybe make new throw pillows. 

Wow that makes it sound like nothing is done in the room, but that isn't the case. The walls are painted: chocolate (a transition wall into the dining room) and deep turquoise (3 walls). The rug is in place, art work is up on two walls (the other is a huge window) and I have my furniture laid out perfectly.  One chair is  bright olive green and the dining room  which is connected is the same bright olive green. I currently have some turquoise, bright olive, fuchsia and orange colored accents in art work and colored picture frames. (I'm definitely not afraid of color!) 

 My dilemma is do I finish decorating with a restrained use of color (light turquoise paint on the dresser and brown and turquoise print fabric for the upholstery) so the room only has a few bright color accents? Or should I run a muck with color and use fuchsia paint and orange, bright olive green, fuchsia, turquoise and brown print upholstery and a zebra print on the ottomans?

The problem is I enjoy both those decorating styles (more tailored and colorful). Sometimes I want one, other days the opposite. I can see it decorated both ways in my head. Today I'm all about the color. Thoughts?

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  1. I usually play it safe. ;) If it were me, I'd go with the first option. You have such a bold beautiful color on your walls...adding in a bunch more might make visitors' eyes go crazy. ;) LOVE the walls!! :) Thanks for linking up. Hope you have fun "mingling." :)

  2. I am no expert, but as I am picturing your room... I would choose something other than aqua for the dresser (unless it is on the brown wall) because the walls are blue shade. I'm thinking pick the least used color in the art and paint the dresser that shade. I would punch up with a little color and pattern in a pillow or two on the chairs to draw some of the excitement from the artwork around the room. Not too much, you want the art to be a focal point.

  3. I love a girl who is not afraid of her color! Turquoise and chocolate walls...DA BOMB!

    Here's my 2 cents for what that's worth:

    I kinda do color as an either/or: Either you have a lot of color on your walls and your furniture stays neutral
    Neutral walls, neutral furniture and pop it with lots of color accents (drapes, accessories, rug, etc)

    I wouldn't paint your dresser. If you are itching to paint it, I would go with BLACK.

    That ivory colored chair and the round turq pillow is AWESOME.

    Is the other chair olive? You might consider reupholstering that in a neutral -- I'm seeing flax colored linen or maybe even a soft gray twill with welt? Then pop some fun print pillows on it.

    The ART is great! Love it!

    Good luck! Would love to see the end result. You've got SUCH a good start!

  4. I just looked at your pics again (obsessing anyone?!)

    You could also paint that dresser ivory. Solid or you could distress it, or rub on brown stain to age it.

    You can do black even with the choc walls. Every room needs a touch of black, I think! To tie it in, antique it up with some brown stain.

    Okay, I'm done now....I think!

  5. I agree with Kendall - paint the dresser ivory. It will look fantastic against the turquoise wall.

    I would also upholster the chair in a beautiful ivory adding a chocolate & turquoise cushions/throws.

  6. Thanks for all the great feedback and suggestions! I have a lot to think about. I'm starting to see the good in keeping the rest of my projects in the turquoise, brown and possible cream range so that the art and rest of the accessories pop. Keep the suggestions coming!

  7. Hello, Conflicted is my middle name :) I so understand that you want it all but since that isn't an option I think I would go with the brighter fun colors in your accents because if you tire of them they are so much easier to change out and keep the color choices in your bigger pieces more neutral. I'm thinking that might give you a more cohesive look.


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