Friday, January 29, 2010

Tip of the Week - Craigs List

If you've read my blog posts about organizing, you probably know I have a deep and abiding LOVE for Craig's List. I have furnished, repurposed and redecorated, sold and furnished yet again many items in my condo. (Probably more purchasing than reselling, but whatever). I shop for family and friends. I find so many cute things for so little $$ that I seriously have considered going into business purchasing, fixing and reselling stuff. The only thing that holds me back is 1) 650 sq. foot condo so no space. 2) a small-ish Saturn car so no way to pick up the large items. 3) my predisposition to hyper focus and become a wee bit obsessive about things but easily distracted so follow-through is an issue. (That last one is hard to admit to.)

Lets back up a step. Do you know what Craig's List is? It's free (!!) online classified ads for stuff, jobs, housing, and other things I don't pay attention to. I focus on the stuff. You choose your city and search for anything, say 1960's or walnut, or dresser. Since it's free to post and it's free to buy, you can find a bunch of neat, local things. Anywho, onto the tip.

The listings on Craig's List are just a bunch of titles. It's not like eBay where you see the picture and the title. If you use Firefox as your browser (and you should, it's great) you can use an "add-ons" (little program or widgets) to add the pictures to listings. That way you can quickly scroll through volumes of ads glancing at the photo and not even having to read each title. I stop when I see something good looking then read the details. If it's not cheap enough, I move on.

Go here to get Firefox. Add-ons are available at the top of the page, just click and search for Craigs List. There are about 1/2 dozen add-ons that will come up. The program I use is called CLIP:CraigsList Image Prefetcher. There is a suggested donation of $.99 cents for this add-on and it's so worth it. Choose Add to Firefox and follow the on screen directions.

It's so simple! Here's hoping you'll find it as addictive as I do.

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