Thursday, January 21, 2010

Organizing the Storage Locker

Hi there! Welcome to my inaugural post on my blog. This should be fun!!

One of my projects for the New Year is to organize my basement storage locker. It is packed and to get to anything I have to move dining chairs (another project) out of the way. So organization involves destuffifying (made up word) it. I listed 2 black leather slipper chairs I'd been holding onto for a couple of years (with no possible place to put them in the condo) for sale on Craig's List. (I LOVE LOVE Craig's List.) They sold within 3 days. Score! The young couple who purchased them drove 45 minutes to my condo and could only fit one chair in their car (these chairs are huge ... what were they thinking?). Today they made a second trip in their SUV to get the second chair. Here's a picture of the chair. Cute, Comfy and now Gone!
Bolstered by my success, I listed a metal bookshelf for sale (I should have dusted it first!). This sold in 2 days. It was picked up today. Gone!
On a roll, I listed these Mid Century Modern hanging light fixtures for sale. I purchased these for a steal on Craig's List 2-ish years ago. That was before I understood that you can't really hang something from a cement ceiling. In my defense, I didn't know it was cement. It's covered by a thick layer of white fluffy stuff (probably asbestos). Someone has committed to picking them up in 2 days. Almost Gone!
With this new influx of cash, I'll fund a couple decorating projects I've had on the back burner. Stay tuned for more info on these.

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